martes, 27 de mayo de 2014

Introduction to English La Salle University

The teacher's secret and other folk tales is an amazing and beautiful book where it narrate various situations that leave us a lesson.


Having graduates from Oxford University with a degree in English Literarure, I then trained as a secondary school teacher and worked in a London school for a year, Deciding to move from literature to language education, I then trained in ELT in London school and spent several years in London (private language schools) and then athens (the Britiish Council) teaching both general English and Business English. In athens I also worked as a Cambrige examiner.


Fanta Guiro 

SETTING: In Italy.


1. King Marco.
3.The Fanta-Guiró's sisters  (2).
4. Tonino
5. Luca.
6.Luca's mother.

One thousand gold coins.

SETTING: In turkey.


1. Nasreddin.
2. The Nasreddin's wife.
3. Ahmet.
4. The judge.

The Teacher's secret.

SETTING: In Korea.


1.The teacher.
2.The students.

A picture of Tara.

SETTING:  In India.


1. Tara 
2. The prince Vikram.
3. Lata.
Irka's well.

SETTING: In Poland.


1. Irka
2. The prince Frederick.

Ali's wife.

SETTING: In Syria.


1. Ali.
2. Fatima.
3. Fatima's father.
4. Judge.
5. Judge's daugther.

For finally what do you think about the cover's book is true or false that questions?

 Are men cleverer that women? Is a poor man cleverer than a rich man?
 And what about teachers? Are they always cleverer than their students?